Frequently Asked Questions

A Swift conference? But the language is so young!?

Well, that is *exactly* why we are doing this conference! Early opinions are emerging, deeply technical debates are happening, timing is perfect to gather in Paris for a day and discuss Swift, LLVM and Apple's developer ecosystem together.

On stage, 8 of the most respected iOS and OS X developers will deliver their insights on Swift. We are also openly inviting Apple's team to come speak or attend!

What is the schedule?

Friday February 6th, Conference day: Doors open at 1pm, there will be 3 sessions and 2 breaks. After 6:30pm, we will migrate to a nearby pub for an afterparty!

Saturday February 7th, Workshop day: Schedule depends on our partners but some workshops could take place in the afternoon from 2pm to 6pm.

What is the training day?

On Thursday February 5th, the day before the conference, we have organized a full day of training with our speaker Daniel Steinberg.
This will be helpful if you are new to Swift and would like to be exposed to the language before the conference.

See the training page for more information.

Who are the organizers?

The conference is organized by @sylvinus and his dotConferences team. Email us if you want to help!

What is the language of the talks?

As we welcome attendees and speakers from all over the world, all the talks are in English.

What makes the talks special?

Unlike most other tech conferences, we will have a single track with 18-minutes talks, to keep all the audience focused and interested!

Will this be yet another crazy expensive conference?

No. This is a conference by hackers for hackers. Thanks to our partners, we try to keep the price below 150€ (Late Bird tickets may be more expensive).